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Work it Out – with Vivian (Tales of Women and Career)

From the single working woman dealing with work, responsibilities and relationship uncertainties; to the married woman juggling husband, kids, nannies, extended family and work; to the business woman dealing with family, relationships, employees, clients and all; to generally being an extraordinary woman seeking to break the glass ceiling in work and business.

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(Vivian is a mother of four, career woman of 16 years, and an entrepreneur).

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Ride – with Magnus

For the average Nigerian worker, it’s about cars!.

Magnus is a lover of cars and a trader of cars too (see?).

With 19 years of work experience / entrepreneurship under his belt, join him as he takes you through the bumps, smoothness and excitement of the career ‘ride’ and talent lifestyle.

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And Our Award for the Entrepreneur of the Week Goes To..

Motivational Personality of the Week – Deola Sagoe

DEOLA SAGOE - Founder, House of Deola

Ms Deola Ade-Ojo is a Nigerian born fashion designer who is popularly known by her design name, Deola Sagoe. She began designing in 1988 when she joined her mother’s business with a view of expanding the label’s repertoire to encompass more contemporary designs for the ever-developing, cosmopolitan high-brow society.

Using African hand-woven materials in which she brought to life a range of distinct cultures; and contemporizing almost-lost traditional African techniques, Deola quickly became an icon in her field.

Deola is well known for her uncanny attention to detail, her expert handling of a diverse range of fabrics as well as her exemplary grasp of a wide range of female body types. She is celebrated back home for her patriotism and zeal in Nigerian culture at large. Her ingenuity and innovativeness combined with strong business acumen and vision has seen her win various accolades, awards, and recognition over the years.

Having been the first black woman to present a collection at Alta Roma, Rome’s celebrated fashion week, back in 2004 and the first Nigerian to have her own stand-alone show at the New York Fashion Week September 2014, she continues to lead the way in trailblazing Nigeria on the global fashion map.

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Rent or Buy a Home or Office Space

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Never let accommodation issues destabilise your home, business or work.

Search for available properties here, for home or work – to buy or to rent.


Get Your Relationships Right

Getting Relationships Right

Emotional stress and trauma can greatly affect the mental and total person performance. This platform is created to enable conversational and consultative treatments of relationship issues, in order to assist talents maintain healthy and workable relationships.


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Comedy Zone

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