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Work it Out

Work it Out – with Vivian (Tales of Women and Career)

From the single working woman dealing with work, responsibilities and relationship uncertainties; to the married woman juggling husband, kids, nannies, extended family and work; to the business woman dealing with family, relationships, employees, clients and all; to generally being an extraordinary woman seeking to break the glass ceiling in work and business.

Share or Work it Out- with Vivian

(Vivian is a mother of four, career woman of 16 years, and an entrepreneur).

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Ride – with Magnus

For the average Nigerian worker, it’s about cars!.

Magnus is a lover of cars and a trader of cars too (see?).

With 19 years of work experience / entrepreneurship under his belt, join him as he takes you through the bumps, smoothness and excitement of the career ‘ride’ and talent lifestyle.

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* To get in touch with Magnus, please send an email to care@vi-mtalentassist.com.

We Got Talent! – WGT (Showcase your special talent or resume here for the world to see!)

And Our Award for the Motivational Personality of the Week Goes To..


Barrister (Mrs.) Olaitan Mordi - mother, wife, business woman, entrepreneur, lawyer, fashion designer, make-up artist, founder and CEO of Hollarmie Make Overs.

Born into a stable home and happily married, she holds a first degree in Law from the University of Ado Ekiti - Ekiti State.

She attended the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, from where she was “called to Bar” – a legal term denoting someone’s ability / qualification to argue in court on behalf of another party.

Upon graduation, law school and our compulsory National Youth Service, she immediately got engaged by couple of firms, where she worked in various positions, leading up to her attending to some court cases under the supervision of her Managing Partners.

She worked for the Law firm of Barrister Dele Oleke & Co located in Ikeja for some couple of years.

Click the button below to read more about Barrister (Mrs.) Olaitan Mordi.

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Dress as You Want to be Addressed

To showcase your fashion wares here, please contact us on care@vi-mtalentassist.com.

Be your own fashion stylist!

Gain confidence in your style and Become your own master stylist with a few reliable tips: Must have in your …
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2020 Arise Fashion Week holds December 5 to 12

In a move designed to reinvent global fashion at a time of COVID, Africa’s premier runway show, the Arise Fashion …
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Fashion- My Hair, My Style

My Hair, My StyleIn a world of professionalism, the way you wear your hair has a lot of messages it …
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On today’s edition of how to own an outfit with accessories, we will be talking about the other accessories that …
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Last week on our fashion edition, we updated some tips on how to own an outfit with certain accessories and …
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People are addressed the way they appear and you ‘looks’ improves your level of confidence. One might not have the …
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Rent or Buy a Home or Office Space

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Rent or Buy a Home or Office Space

Having accommodation issues? Then say bye to performance at work or in business.

Never let accommodation issues destabilise your home, business or work.

Search for available properties here, for home or work – to buy or to rent.


Get Your Relationships Right

Getting Relationships Right

Emotional stress and trauma can greatly affect the mental and total person performance. This platform is created to enable conversational and consultative treatments of relationship issues, in order to assist talents maintain healthy and workable relationships.


To catch up with our relationship gists on this website, please click the button below:

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Have You Heard?

Follow trending news, events and more…


Twitter locks account of China’s U.S. embassy over its defence of Xinjiang policy

Twitter has locked the account of China’s U.S. embassy for a tweet that defended China’s policy towards Muslim Uighurs in …
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Trading rebounds on NSE, up N50 billion

Transactions on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) rebounded on Wednesday by N50 billion, halting two consecutive days bearish trend due …
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FCT threatens to arrest, prosecute teachers flouting coronavirus protocols

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has urged teachers in Abuja to comply fully with COVID-19 protocols or be arrested …
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Nigeria Now Expects First Covid-19 Vaccine Doses in February

Nigeria expects to take delivery of its first coronavirus vaccine doses in February, with health workers, top government officials and …
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Zidane: I’ll never be Real Madrid version of Sir Alex Ferguson

Zinedine Zidane has denied he could stay at Real Madrid long enough to become the club’s Sir Alex Ferguson after …
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Sir W. Arthur Lewis: Google celebrates economist, professor with doodle

Sir W. Arthur Lewis Google Doodle: Forty-one years ago on this day in 1979, Lewis was jointly awarded the Nobel …
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Comedy Zone

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