On vi-mtalentassist.com, as a Talent you can:

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On vi-mtalentassist.com, as an Employer you can:

  • List all your job vacancies for free;
  • Manage your recruitment process professionally from start to finish;
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  • Shop for other employer services specially provided by our consultants/ professionals.

Vi-M Talent Assist is another initiative of Vi-M Professional Solutions (Vi-M), designed to assist talents and employers achieve their career and business goals respectively.

Vi-M Professional Solutions is the first professional services firm in Nigeria, assisting companies and individuals navigate their Tax, Audit and Business/ Financial Advisory challenges through the use of digital technology.

A firm of many firsts, we are the first professional services firm in Nigeria to be engaged by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to write and publish tax technical articles in a national newspaper for the education of taxpayers. We produced the first Tax Laws App (Tax Law Book) – to make it easy for people to access, read and understand the Nigerian tax laws; and the first Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax (WHT) and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax calculator software (www.vi-mtaxassist.com) in Nigeria, developed for use by budding entrepreneurs and small businesses for FREE, to assist them navigate tax challenges.

Our Vi-M TAS Cover for SMEs provides cover for every subscribing business on all its monthly/ annual tax and accounting requirements. Our professional accountants articulate and provide all the tax and accountant needs of all subscribing businesses at very discounted fees (payable monthly, in installments) and save their owners the high cost of hiring good in-house accountants, and most times, supporting external consultants.

Our Vi-M Business Assist assists businesses through their different life cycles- from start-up to growth, and to expansion. Our Business Assist collection includes: Start-up Assist, Start-up Assist Plus, Post Start-up Assist, Growing Business Assist, and Expanding Business Plan.

Vi-M Talent Assist – vi-mtalentassist.com is our latest initiative, designed to assist talents and employers achieve their career and workforce management goals respectively.

These impact and value driven initiatives are all geared towards using the most effective media and technology to solve the end to end needs of Nigerian businesses and investors.

We also hold periodic trainings, conferences and seminars to discuss topical fiscal and business issues with stakeholders and how to effectively navigate them. While working with our clients, it is our duty to identify any training or discussion needs of their employees/ executives and to advise them accordingly.

Learn more about Vi-M Professional Solutions on www.vi-m.com.