*** All fees below are exclusive of VAT and minimal re-imbursable transportation and printing costs

Services Pricing (NGN)
1. Monthly bookkeeping and tax services (small businesses only)* 75,000 (annual cover for tax, accounting and audit is 150,000/ month)*
2. Tax clearance certificate (TCC) processing for employees 5,000/employee (initial) 3,000 per employee (subsequent years)
3. Director’s TCC processing 50,000/ director
4. Preparation and filing of annual form ‘H1’ and form ‘G’ 2,500/ employee
5. Preparation and filing of annual form ‘A’ 2,500/ employee
6. Computation and filing of Company’s Income Tax (CIT) returns To be agreed
7. Computation and filing of Personal Income Tax (PIT) assessment tax return To be agreed
8. Registeration of business for Companies Income Tax (CIT) and Value Added Tax (VAT). 50,000
9. Registeration of business for Personal Income Tax and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) 50,000
* We recommend use of a cloud based accounting software costing NGN 50,000/ annum (to be purchased by the business)