University education prepares students for life after learning, but for those who went with a broader perspective, it builds them for the real life.

That is the story of popular Nigerian stand-up comedian, Lawrence Osarenkhoe, better known as MC Casino. Before he went to acquire a degree in agriculture and majored in fisheries at the University of Benin, he nurtured the gift of making people laugh but sharpened the skill on the varsity’s campus.

The college ground also empowered him to develop his expertise as a professional event host.

“I started comedy at the University of Benin in 2008 professionally. Or should I say that was the first time I was paid to anchor an event? I think, professionally, 2008, but I think the first day I did stand-up comedy was in 2002.

“Before then, my elder brother was a comedian in Auchi Poly; I used to watch him and others on TV. So that was the first day (in 2002). Pretty 20 years ago,”MC Casino, who is also called Official MC Casino, said.

Like many parents would want the best for their kids, MC Casino’s also thought he could get distracted from his studies when he informed them of his decision to pursue comedy as an undergraduate.

“At the beginning, both my mother and father were sceptical about the whole comedy thing. But they wanted me to be in school, so what I said to myself was if I’m doing well in comedy and my academics, so at a point, they stopped bothering themselves because the boy is still in school and he is doing comedy.

“In my second year at the University of Benin, I was already sending money home. So it was very easy for them to adapt and accept it. Success and result stopped the argument,” he recounted.

As Nigeria gears up for another general election in 2023, the stand-up comic advised youths to participate meaningfully and determine who they want to steer the ship of the country for the next four years.

“The role I think the youths can play in restructuring Nigeria. First, let everybody get their PVC. Secondly, let’s not vote with sentiments, let’s not sacrifice integrity on the altar of sentiments, let’s not sacrifice our antecedent on the altar of ethnicity.

“What I’m saying is, if somebody is a Yoruba or Benin and he is contesting for the president of this country, and I know he lacks the leadership ability to lead us a people, we should not support that person because he is from our linguistic bracket,” appealed MC Casino.



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