‘Work it Out’- with Vivian: The God Factor

There is no mention of the woman- the African woman or telling the stories of her success without recognising the ‘God Factor’. Neither can I dare to do so. For only God can give a woman the sanity, the love, the willpower to accomplish the tasks to which she has been called.

We all know that women can be so prayerful, and it works for us, but I will share with you a deeper form of prayer, which I have learnt over time, while dealing with very tough experiences. 

It consists of only 2 things – love and forgiveness. 

Learn about and practice these two, and over time when you master them, you would never carry any unnecessary heartbreak, burden or restrictions in your life.

Prayer does not mean verbal/ emotional out-pours. It is a call to live our lives in a certain way- like Christians. That is, to live like God.

Now consider that:
“God is love” “To forgive is divine”
So acting God or being God entails being ‘Love’ and ‘Forgiving’.

I have been a Christian and staunch Catholic since childhood, but I only experienced the power of true conversion in the Easter of 2017. I learnt about letting go, completely forgiving /forgetting all wrongs, and loving unconditionally. This is what God does and so we should do same if we truly want to be like God.

Also when we forgive others and let things go, completely, we are also able to forgive ourselves and free ourselves of our many judgements and headaches. We are able to accept ourselves with gratitude, we are able to live free. 

We are able to define our own success (not as defined by society) and live happy and contented each day in it, while striving to do more in love. We are able to do what we can in love (i.e. doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways out of love for God & man) each day – work, being single, motherhood, studies, career, etc. to the best of our abilities. We are able to handle more, while we leave what we cannot handle to the God Factor. 

And as feminist or strong as many women would like to appear, we always need every help we can get. God is my best assurance of help and this is why I am dedicating this episode to say that for any man or woman to truly find peace, sanity, freedom and contentment to live happy and get ahead, the God Factor is an absolute necessity. 

A lot of our difficulties as women truly cease when we have a truer, more forgiving, more loving, more trusting life in God. 

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