Vi-M Talent Assist’s ‘Easy-Work’ can assist employers as follows:

1. First step is to apply for Easy-Work below. 

2. Make a payment of N5,375 per employee required. Make payment here (click to pay).

3. Vi-M Talent Assist team will profile, contact and agree your job specifications with interested candidates from our pool of Easy-Work applicants. In other words, we would conclude the recruitment process in-house and filter best candidates who are best fit and also interested in your job specifications.

3. Vi-M Talent Assist will send you a list of at least 3 best fit candidates for each of your ‘Easy-Work’ vacancies. 

4. You will make your selection from their short profiles which we will send to you (we will also attach candidates’ pictures).

5. Vi-M will link you up with your final selected candidates (for your further recruitment process, if you so wish).

NB: Template ‘Employment Letter’ for the scheme can be provided to employers by Vi-M Talent Assist at an additional fee of N5,375 only.

Please complete the form below to apply for Easy-Work Talents: