Vi-M Talent Assist’s ‘Easy-Work’ can assist talents looking to be positively / productively engaged, gain work and entrepreneurship experience as follows:

1. Talents are to apply for ‘Easy-Work’ below.

2. Stay reachable by phone / email / WhatsApp as Vi-M Talent Assist will contact you any time for any job opening that fits your profile.

3. When Vi-M Talent Assist contacts you and you indicate interest in the job opening, you will be required to pay a token fee of N2,150 to Vi-M Talent Assist, before your name can be shortlisted and sent to the potential employer. You can make payment here (click to pay).

*This payment will only be made once by you, under the ‘Easy-Work’ scheme.

4. Vi-M Talent Assist will then shortlist / link you up with your potential employer. 

5. If you eventually DO NOT GET hired by the potential employer, Vi-M Talent Assist will retain you on our priority waiting list for such or other job (including non-commission based jobs) opportunities that fits your profile / interests and keep you updated on an on-going basis.

Please complete the form below to apply for Easy-Work Opportunities: