About Easy-Work 

An initiative of Vi-M Talent Assist, ‘Easy-Work’ is a commission based, work-from-home or work from anywhere, skilled work arrangement to cushion the effect of jobs decline and help businesses and talents grow.

‘Easy-Work’ seeks to connect employers adopting (or seeking to adopt) the commission-based or productivity-based remuneration approach with talents/ employees who are smart, forward looking, industrious and desirous to learn more and earn more, in a mutually beneficial easy work arrangement. 

Easy-Work envisages a flexible, work-from-home or work from office or work from field, part-time or full time arrangement where employees’ remuneration will be based on either of the following options or arrangements:

1. Agreed commission alone (plus data / business related call expenses) for working from home and provision for all expenses (e.g. transportation) for jobs done on the field / sales efforts outside of the home.

2. Agreed commission plus a guaranteed pay, where the business can afford such or adopts the policy to pay such.

3. Agreed commission plus a reimbursement of transportation / feeding expenses, if the job requires coming to the office / working on field every day.

This inadvertently implies that vacancies that are purely administrative in nature cannot be covered under the Easy-Work scheme.

The employer will guarantee to provide good on-the-job training to the employees under the scheme, and pay them an agreed percentage of any income yielding work or activity that the talent executes or partakes in, under guided learning/supervision, or on any sales they make (in goods, products, business solutions or services), depending on the nature of the business.

The employee will guarantee to work under this arrangement, learn fast, be resourceful and put in best efforts to help the business grow, for at least six months from the date of commencement of this arrangement. The employees under this scheme will have the opportunity to earn higher and uncapped salaries / pay, an advantage that naturally accrues to commission-based work or business arrangements as against a fixed salary structure.

The employer will issue standard employment letters to such employees to document agreed percentage commissions / pay and work arrangements in order to protect the interests of both parties in the arrangement. 

The Easy-Work arrangement is a viable and much more desirable work / employment arrangement as compared to unemployment, staff lay-offs, business stagnation, delayed salaries or fixed salaries which most times is not reflective of the work or productivity put in by the employee.

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