5 of the Worst Fashion Mistakes Men Make

1. Wearing suspenders and a belt

Since this clothing style has returned to our modern fashion world, we can’t help but advise you to never mix suspenders together with a belt when wearing button-down shirts. This classic look must be worn with either a belt or suspenders and never both at the same time because it’s simply not stylish. So feel free to choose which one suits you best.

2. Carrying a backpack while wearing a classic jacket

Today’s fashion has come a long way in tolerating a wide variety of clothes at the same time, so everyone is feeling freer when it comes to settling for one or combining a couple of styles. However, there are some combinations that simply cannot happen or else the entire look will be a complete fashion disaster.

A perfect example is a classic jacket plus a backpack, which is definitely not the best duo. If you’re doing it because of your laptop, then you better get a laptop bag.

3. Making your tie too long or too short

Although the right tie length is well-known, some men still don’t get it right. Actually, when it comes to ties, one inch can easily make or break a suit no matter how fancy it may be. But it’s a very easy fix, once you get the correct length.

To ensure your tie isn’t too short or too long, the tip of your tie must end right in the middle of the belt (or waistband in case you aren’t wearing a belt) when standing naturally.

4. Wearing sunglasses on your head

Putting your sunglasses on your head may not look awful, but it will certainly destroy not only your hairstyle but your overall style. Actually, it can make your outfit go from awesome to completely unstylish.

What’s more, men who have an oval head shape should particularly avoid wearing sunglasses this way because they will emphasize the size of the head. The most stylish way to wear sunglasses when in the shade is to simply hang them on your shirt or place them in your chest pocket.

5. Exercising in thermal pants without wearing anything over them

Going out in thermal pants is completely unacceptable in all situations and without any exceptions. This type of clothing is supposed to be a primary layer to keep the body warm, then you wear shorts or sweatpants over them.

Wearing thermal underwear without anything over them isn’t only out of fashion and style, but also out of etiquette. So, either wear shorts over them or stay at home.



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