Fashion- My Hair, My Style

My Hair, My Style
In a world of professionalism, the way you wear your hair has a lot of messages it passes out to people. For instance, people with short hair are perceived to be more serious than others with Rapunzel hair likewise people with straight hair are seen as more serious than people with curly hair. The same thing is applicable to people who dye or color their hair.
According to hair pros, a straight hair means serious business and professionalism, while a short hair can show a high level of unseriousness and playfulness. A woman with a short hair is considered confident and has nothing to hide. The colour of a woman’s hair also has a lot to say about her. It is believed that blonde women are usually sexy and good waitresses while ladies with red hair are fierce. Women with black hair are considered more intelligent than blonde hair women.
Men also have various hairstyles that defines them. Men who wear afros are considered radical and are not usually good listeners and are not conformist unlike men who go on a low haircut. Men who go on dreadlocks are seen almost the same way their afro counterparts are seen. However, there are no rules to how you wear your hair but rather go with your environment and wear what is convenient for you.


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