On today’s edition of how to own an outfit with accessories, we will be talking about the other accessories that help you own an outfit.

1.Rings – A ring is a circular band worn on a finger. The plain wedding ring is worn on the left hand on the fourth finger for women; Men wear the wedding ring on the right hand. On the wedding day, the engagement ring is shifted to the third finger on the right hand.

2.Sandals – Sandals are footwear for the summers – the open type of shoes come with straps tied around the arch of the feet or around the ankles. Sandals may be embellished with beads, sequins tassels, etc. Flip flops are open-toed sandals with the straps going between the toe and the rest of the fingers and lend a very casual aura – just ready for a beach look. Mules are another variety of sandals.

3.Sashes – A sash is a piece of fabric stitched as a band or a ribbon worn around the waist or across the shoulders. The sashes are worn across shoulders as part of ceremonies. Sashes worn as a belt around the waist can be an accessory that can transform a dress. Check out the post on making sashes here.

4.Scarves – A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. Check out the post on the different dimensions for scarves, stole wrap and shawls

5.Shoes & Boots – A well-fitting well-made shoe is said to be an investment – your shoe size remains almost constant once you are an adult and classic good looking shoes are always in fashion. Once worn only to protect feet from cold and injuries, a comfortable and trendy shoe is now regarded as an integral part of a well-dressed look – some might even claim that shoes are the best accessory of all. Running shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, boots – there is any number of shoes a man or woman can have in the wardrobe.

6.Socks and Stockings – These come under hosiery and they are used for many purposes like comfort, attractive appeal, support. Socks are worn to protect the feet. When worn inside running shoes many will swear that their socks prevented many a blister from forming on the feet – but that does not explain why people choose the prettiest socks in startling and beautiful colors – they peek from inside the shoes and can be counted as an accessory that can enhance your looks. The thigh high socks are, well, thigh high and keep your leg warm. Panty hose, tights, stockings all have their own space in the world of accessories.

7.Sunglasses – Sunglasses are protective eyewear meant to shield eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Other than its highly functional use, sunglass (shades) is a great accessory that can change the way you look – here is an article which explains why everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.

8.Umbrella – It is a useful accessory that protects you from rain or sun’s harmful rays. As something that many use on a daily use, it has its own place as an accessory.

9.Veils – A veil is a piece of cloth used to cover the head or face, either fully or partially. Other than for religious purposes, the veils are used nowadays as a wedding accessory. It is supposed to shield the bride from evil spirits.

10.Wrist Watches – The most expensive watch in the world will set you back by about 55 Million dollars – if I am wearing it I will insure my hand and go around with security men. A basic wrist watch costs very little but no one buys them anymore – and for a reason. People spend a lot of money on watches because as an accessory it has no parallel. From the functional use of a time keeping device, wrist watches have ascended far into superstardom among other accessories.

The accessories you choose to wear are as important as your clothes.

Hope these write up helps you in finding the correct accessories for that outfit for you to own it.


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