By Ezeodili E. Ekene

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not here to discuss the regular fashion style or event but to bring to your attention that our beloved fashion industry is facing tough times.

The fast and continuous spread of COVID-19 presents an extraordinary challenge to people across the world. Along with its tragic human toll, the virus has provoked mass panic, sending the markets diving to an all-time low and causing histrionic shortages in products even peripherally related to the outbreak. But the virus has reminded the world, that unity is strength and that a tree cannot make a forest- We are one despite the colour of your skin and difference in language.

Over the last couple of weeks, corporations with the means to help have been rising to the occasion, pledging millions/billions of naira to assist the effort in any way they can. As the spread of COVID-19 persists, key players in the fashion industry all over the world have gotten involved to play their part, from funding efforts to fight the virus to converting manufacturing facilities to better suit the needs of hospitals and healthcare workers around the world.

Things will go back to normal soonest but for now, let’s focus and defeat this enemy together.

Stay safe, stay home… ~VI-M cares

Catch you next week 😊


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