By Ezeodili E. Ekene

The consumer stands as the biggest contributor to fashion waste, as they are basically control the business. Since no one wants to be wearing old clothes, or even outdated clothes for the rest of their lives, the need for throwing clothes away rises, and buying new clothes and this keeps this market flowing. It is crazy how that affects the environment. Did you know that if you increased the lifespan of clothes in your wardrobe by just nine months, you could reduce its negative effect in the environment by as much as 30 percent, and you could make an actual difference without even realising it.

What You Can Do to Reduce Fashion Waste

  • You can host a clothing swap. If you are tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again, why destroy them, when you can swap them? Ask your friends and neighbours and co-workers, some of them should be interested in swapping clothes around, instead of simply destroying them. This way, you and your friends can extend the life span of the clothes.
  • You can shop smart. There are several qualities of clothes in the market, and it is usually wise to buy the kind that will last for a long while, and not the kind you would have to get rid of after a short while. Find ethical and sustainable brands to decorate your wardrobe with.
  • You can tailor to your own style. It is easy to get carried away with the latest fashion trends and the cheapest style, and end up getting something you lose interest in over sometime. Perhaps, it is best to get the clothes that suits your personal taste, so that you can re-wear it over and over again with pride—akin to the first time you wore it.
  • You can rent, reuse and recycle. There is no shame in renting new clothes for that event or occasion you intend to attend. Instead of buying new clothes you would probably only wear once, why not rent? It will cost you less and you will help save clothes.
  • You can choose quality over quantity. Some people have so much pride in the number of clothes they have in their wardrobe, even though they never wear them. Instead of keeping all of those cl0thes until they become unwearable, you can try donating or selling the clothes you no longer need. Next time you go shopping, opt for quality materials, that will last a long while.

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