Barrister (Mrs.) Olaitan Mordi is a mother, a wife, business woman, entrepreneur, lawyer, fashion designer, make-up artist, founder and CEO of Hollarmie Make Overs.

Born into a stable home and happily married, she holds a first degree in Law from the University of Ado Ekiti – Ekiti State.

She attended the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, from where she was “called to Bar” – a legal term denoting someone’s ability / qualification to argue in court on behalf of another party.

Upon graduation, law school and our compulsory National Youth Service, she immediately got engaged by couple of firms, where she worked in various positions, leading up to her attending to some court cases under the supervision of her Managing Partners. 

She worked for the Law firm of Barrister Dele Oleke & Co located in Ikeja for some couple of years.

After couple of years in the professional sphere and upon delivery of her daughter, she came to the decision to venture out into the entrepreneurial world.  She stated categorically, that she did not find joy in going to court and combing several pages of various law books, journals and materials to prepare for court cases as she could feel she was not passionate for this field of service.

She only went through the law profession, so as to justify to herself that she did not waste her time in school and to also get some experience, under her belt.

She recounts that several of her peers and family members saw and could relate to her entrepreneurial prowess, following some activities she had been engaged with at an early stage.

Barrister (Mrs.) Olaitan Mordi is more passionate about designing and creating new things with her hands, eyes and brains.  She switched from law practice to a fashion designer and make-up artist.   She started off by providing supervisory function at her sisters’ place of business “Ojulewa”, when her sister had to travel outside of the country. 

Mrs. Mordi started attending to this supervisory role in company of her little daughter and one day, while several women were busy working and preparing to fix a head gear (tie gelle – used in local parlance), she offered to try her hands and to her amazement and those around her, the output was superb with several people astonished at the quality, style and uniqueness.

Those in attendance, encouraged her with positive feedback and words of encouragement to venture on her own, citing notable names of successful people doing similar things.

Not quite long, she got an opportunity in her church to train some women during a program and from there, several people indicated interest to register and learn the art of her work under her stewardship.

Later, she cleared out the small security house in her building and setup her own studio where several students flocked to learn the skill and art of making / tying head gears for women in Lagos.

She believes her skill is a gift inspired by God, but that she has been able to use her passion and zeal for the art to nourish and multiply this gift.  She attributes her success to passion and several sleepless nights.  She likened her story to the parable of the talents in the bible and says her inspiration is divine, with hard work, dedication and prayers.

She also ventured into the make-up business which was hugely successful and when she briefly visited the United States, she also continued these trades and earned good foreign currency, which she proudly confirms helped her family / husband. 

Mrs. Mordi categorically states that her art / product or a touch of her business has been sent or used in several countries around the world with global customers on the increase.

As a mother of three (3), she continues to play her part in the lives of her children / family and attending to their school work / assignments almost on a daily basis.  She is able to manage work and balance her life.

For upcoming entrepreneurs, she admonishes / advices that people should follow their passion, do what they love or do things that make them happy.  People should not look down on their trade or any trade, but that they should remain focus, dedicated and start with baby steps.

In closing, she hinted that she might be venturing into interior decoration business soon in addition to the other businesses she manages.

We, Vi-M Talent Assist was privileged to recently interview Mrs. Olaitan Mordi, where she shares are enterprise story and her piece of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs to rise and live their dream.

Please see the recorded interview for your listening pleasure:

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