*** All fees below (excluding feature, CV and advert fees) are exclusive of VAT and minimal re-imbursable transportation and printing costs (if any)

Services Pricing (NGN)
1. Home page ‘featured vacancies’ 10,000 for the duration of the vacancy
2. Advert banner (side banners) 30,000/ 2 weeks (price reduction applies for banners at the lower parts of the page)
3. Sponsored story or post, including inspirational enterprise stories 10,000 (If we write your story, price is 15,000, and if we cover/video/write, price is 30,000)
4. CVs Purchase 500/ Cv (price reduction applies a CV no. increases)
5. Recruitment or filling up Company’s new vacancies 15% of annual gross salary (10% for annual salaries greater than 5m)
6. Training of new intakes (entry level only) To be agreed
7. Employment contract structuring 10,000 (junior), 30,000 (senior)
8. Training of existing employees To be agreed
9. Designing of appraisal system To be agreed
10. Drawing up employees’ competency and key performance criteria for our employees To be agreed
11. Drawing up organisation’s talent policy manual 200,000 (for small businesses), 500,000 to 1m (for larger businesses)
12. Managing lay-off/retrenchment process To be agreed
13. Managing expatriate tax and regulatory compliance requirements To be agreed
14. Managing employee payroll 2,500/employee (price reduction applies as no. of employees increases)
15. Managing employee tax and regulatory compliance requirements To be agreed
16. Performing staff audit To be agreed