Bimpe’s Dilemma

Bimpe has been married to Tunde for 2years. They met in the University about 6years ago. Bimpe was in her 200l why Tunde was in his finals when they first met.

Tunde took interest in Bimpe at first sight on seeing her at the school’s cafeteria one Sunday afternoon after church service. Bimpe just ordered her food and took a seat at the corner in the cafeteria. Tunde was with a couple of male friends who were gisting and making fun of passersby.

His friends noticed that Tunde’s attention was diverted for a while and one of them, Bode waved at him to get his attention back. “Guy whatsup with you”, Bode asked. Tunde on realising that he had been staring at Bimpe for too long responded, ‘nothing o, was a little distracted by an angel i saw’…….

Long story short, Tunde found his way to Bimpe’s heart after some months and they clicked real quick.

After their graduation, they both got good jobs though Tunde was already working 2years before Bimpe graduated and got a job too. Tunde was working as a mortgage consultant in a Bank why Bimpe got a well paying job in an oil and gas company. She was earning almost double what Tunde earned. This didn’t seem like an issue to them until they got married.

After their first year in marriage, Tunde demanded that Bimpe stopped working and allow him cater for the family. He wasn’t comfortable with his wife doing so well and earning more than he was. Although Tunde knew about this even before they got married and even assured her that it wasn’t an issue, somehow he couldn’t withstand it anymore, he sought advise from the wrong people(his friends) who told him to ask her to quit.

It was a heated argument that Sunday morning in their home since Bimpe blantly refused to quit her job.

To be continued……..

Question for the day: Bimpe loves her husband so much and doesn’t want to lose her marriage. She loves her job as well and wants to support her husband financially.

What would you advise Bimpe to do?


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