Knowing Your Place In People’s Life

There’s one thing that people who know me have always said about me. It’s that I have the habit of putting people in their place. It’s not rude, it’s just making sure everybody knows their stand in my life and act accordingly. There are people that I accord so much respect and some that I hardly ever call (I almost never make any calls). However, keeping people in their place has drastically helped to reduce and eliminate drama for my life.

One thing I’m fond of saying is, “this life is already hard. Don’t add to it”. Truth is, when you learn to put people in their place, they will learn what they are to you and unconsciously act according to how you place them. So, if you make friends with people and you help them define your relationship from the start, that already makes it easy for them to know what they are in your life and of what importance they are.

Nobody is saying you should be rude and talk to people anyhow and throw people away from your life. All I’m saying here is, don’t put too many people at the center of your life. For real, not everybody deserves to have all the pieces of your life. Learn to make sure that you have your people and some other people. Truth is, as much as you might like to be the good person here, you have to understand that all these people you’re giving so much relevance in your life have also placed you somewhere in their lives and it might hurt you to find out that they do not actually place you as high and give you as much importance as you do them.

how to put people in their place, learn how to know who to call friend and who to leave as an acquaintance. Don’t allow your niceness give people the opportunity to run over you and still run back over you. You should be nice and human, not stupid and over-accommodating. This is enough for one day, I think. A word is enough for the wise, they say.


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