By Ezeodili E. Ekene

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As the world unites to fight a common enemy the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), everyone is advised by health experts and professionals to ensure that you try as much as possible to self-isolate and maintain maximum social distancing. Correspondingly, I encourage everyone to keep a positive mind, stay in touch with loved ones and most importantly, strive to SURVIVE!

Whilst authorities work to contain the virus as well as mitigate its spread, here a few things we may find ourselves temporarily engaged in:

1. Imagine You Are Having A Long School Break, Like A Holiday

Yeah! Self-isolation can be very boring and annoying. People generally hate to sit at a spot for too long, so to get past it, colour each moment like it’s a holiday. Watch movies (of course indoor), catch up with your partner (if s/he is not infected), make as often as possible video calls with friends and family, chats, play video games etc.

Thank God for technology.

2. Be Supportive but Strive with Caution

Extend a heart love and concern to everyone but in doing so, thread with caution. If you are opportune/allowed to tend to the needs of infected persons, do not shy away from such responsibilities amidst the coronavirus saga. Show love and speak with words of hope. Nothing kills faster than living in despair. It is only a matter of time, the virus will be defeated and things will get back to normal, same as friendship, just like good old days.

Think of the future, that’s all that matters.

3. Exercise, Refresh and Relax

It is time to get a bit lazy. With most countries issuing a complete lockdown. The move will force many to miss their daily routine such as going to work, visiting the gym, hanging out with friends and so on.

 What this means is that you can carry on with your exercise at home to keep the body mechanics, super charged and active, eat well (especially fruits and herbs plants) to help boost your immune system. You may have been giving the excuse that you haven’t been able to make out time to have all we just mentioned earlier, well, now you got plenty of that time.

So, go get your exercise mat and start working out! It’s possible to exercise alone but in any case, you have a partner who is not infected close, pretty much luck for you, you two can exercise together. During break endeavour to drink lots of water, take more multivitamins, bath and have a meal prepared with lots of green goddess.

5. Become an Over Night Journalist

Spend more time reading and surfing the net for updates. Stay tuned with the latest and up-to-the-minute breaking news. Follow health bodies/expects on social media and help broadcast/share any update.

6. Prayer, Prayer and Prayer

As humans, we believe in a greater being who controls/determines our very existence, who alone can do all things. It is time to express your gratitude to God Almighty, who has kept you and will continue to keep you.

Thank you all for reading.

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Catch you all next week 🙂 😉


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