7 Tell-Tale Signs How to Know If Your Career is Right for You

This new year has come and work has resumed. A lot of you may have been really stressed or unhappy last year, this may be as a result of wrong career choice. These 7 signs will let you know if your current career lifestyle is right for you. It’s never too late to live your dream.

1. You can’t wait to get to work

This is the first and one of the most obvious signs that your career is a right fit for you. Every morning after you wake up, you just can’t wait to go to work. In fact, you will be looking forward to going to work.

When this is happening to you, it is a clear sign that you are landing on the right career. Most people dreaded getting to work each morning. They arrive in the office waiting for the lunch break. And after their lunch, they wait for tea breaks.

Another clear sign is that Sunday blues don’t exist in your world. You will never feel stressed each weekend that Monday is arriving, and you need to get to work.

If you are constantly thinking and worrying that you need to get back to work on Monday, then perhaps your job isn’t what you are looking for.

2. You feel satisfied doing a great job

Ask yourself, do you feel satisfied with what you have done at work? If the answer is a big yes, then you know you are on the right job. But if your answer is a no and you don’t feel satisfied with what you have done at work, then you need to look deeper and do an evaluation.

You see, people who love their work don’t look at their job as a job. They look at it as a calling. Their work is something that they are passionate about and can’t wait to do more of.

When your career is right for you, you will feel satisfied with it and every day you go to work, it feels like play. You will enjoy and have fun with what you do, not stress.

3. You’re so focused on your work and you don’t notice time flies

When was the last time you focused on your work and that you didn’t notice that time flies?

Researchers called this phenomenon ‘flow state’. When you enter the flow state, you will become 100% focused on the work at hand. You will become ‘immune’ to distractions and are able to concentrate well on the work.

When you experience a flow state, time feels like it has slowed down, your senses are heightened, and you become one with the task at hand. Some people call this feeling being ‘in the zone’.

The more you experience the flow state, the clearer the sign that you are working on the right job.

4. Your life revolves around your work

If you don’t like your work, job, or are in the wrong career, you will schedule your life around your work. You will prioritize other areas of your life than your work.

However, if your career is right for you, you will do it another way round. You will schedule your life around your work, and you will prioritize your work. Meaning, your life will revolve around your work.

Even if it is at night or weekend, you don’t mind talking about work and sometimes even work during the weekend. Most successful people love their work so much that they choose to work during the weekend.

That’s right, when you find that your life is revolving around your work, then you know it is a clear sign that you are on the right career path.

5. You always go the extra mile and overdeliver

Do you always want to go the extra mile and overdeliver with your work? If you do, then it shows that you love your work and career.

Most people don’t like their job and they hate their work. They can’t wait to quickly end the day and get away from their workplace. They get to work because they want to get paid, not because they want to deliver better services or do more.

Hence, if you find that you always wanted to do more and overdeliver, no matter what job you are at, it is a sign that what you do may be right for you.

6. You want to improve and perform better at your work and career

That’s right, do you go to work every day just because you need to? Or do you have the thought that you want to improve and do better? If you do, then you are on the right path.

Most people never give any thought to improving themselves with their work or advancing in their career, they just go to work because that’s what everybody does. And when you feel that you want to do better at your work, it shows that your work is something you enjoy doing.

Regardless of whether you are a teacher, engineer, accountant, or even a parcel delivery man, your work means something to you. And when you want to create a masterpiece out of your work, then it clearly shows that you love what you do.

7. You focus on creating an impact, not income

Ask yourself honestly, why do you go to work? If income is not your main priority and you go to work because you want to create an impact, then your career is right for you.

Most people choose a job based on how much they can get paid. Not many people will choose a job because of the impact the work brings.

The irony is that when you focus on making an impact, income will follow suit. You will make more money from a career when your focus is on making an impact, helping people, and creating value for the world.

So, do you focus on making an impact, or making an income? Your answer is a great tell-tale sign of whether you are in the right career.



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