Growing up as a child, one may not understand the importance of time management until it actually begins to impede one’s life goals and successes. Every successful venture in life is actually almost always aided by proper time management. At work or in business, time is equivalent to a powerful currency which can make of mar one’s ability to succeed.

Because of the importance of time management, most organisations invest in trainings on the topic for their new hires, while older employees are constantly appraised on their ability to achieve set goals, which all hinges around proper time management. Yet, oftentimes the best of us yield to the temptation of procrastination and of being distracted from the urgently passing time, and so find ourselves always having backlogs of our tasks to complete.

Today we provide the following tips to help you through proper time management, particularly at work:

  1. KNOW YOUR CURRENT TIME SPENT: Observe how you currently spend time, and what activities are currently taking your time.
  2. MAKE A LIST OF ALL YOUR TO-DO: Next, make a list of all the activities in which you are actively involved or are meant to do. This list can be made daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, whichever way your tasks and  priorities are better reflected.
  3. PRIORITISE YOUR TO-DO: Arrange your list of activities to-do, according to an order of priority. Categorise them into urgent and important; important but not urgent; urgent but not important; not urgent and not important.
  4. ALLOCATE TIME TO EACH OF YOUR TASKS: Now that you have successfully placed your activities in order of importance, you need to allocate time for each of them. Now this can be very tough as it might require you to scrap out some activities to fit this schedule into your daily life. For me, the results of this exercise are worth the effort.
  5. MAINTAIN AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH YOUR TIME SCHEDULE: Lastly and most importantly is to make sure you maintain your time schedule. Never scuttle the time schedule you have put together for yourself, if you are determined to manage your work time better. Review your results as you go on, and make adjustments as may be necessary.

Remember that time is the greatest form of money and once you can manage your time you can control this power.

Written by: Francesco Ojoko


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