If you are going away, staying with someone, travelling abroad for a while or not going to use your car for some days, weeks or month, storing your car then becomes an issue. 

In this edition, we would examine some tips on how to go about ensuring that your car is in good shape when you return to it after you have gone away.

Below are some tips:

  1. Change the oil and oil filter: If the car is being stored for an extended period of time (approximately 6 months), it is advisable to change the oil, so the engine would be fresh when you return.
  • Fill the fuel tank with fuel: Filling your tank helps to avoid condensation, which is typically a problem in stored vehicles and stops other agents from getting into the empty space in the tank.
  • Clean and wax the car: Be sure to wash under the car to remove any dirt, especially from the wheel wells.  This help avoid corrosion.
  • Place a piece of plastic wrap on the windshield under the wiper blades, to prevent the rubber from sticking to the glass: Better yet, remove the blades completely and store them in a warm place (perhaps beside the battery, carpets or truck (booth as we call it in this part of the world).
  • Oil your spark plugs: Remove the spark plugs and spray a small amount of oil into the cylinders to prevent rusting, then insert the plugs again. Do this only if you are comfortable with basic mechanics or get a mechanic to assist you with this.
  • If the car will be stored for extended periods of time, it is advisable to jack it up on axle stands to avoid flat spots in the tires:  
  • Release the handbrake: If the brake is left on, the brake pads can stick to the rotors.
  • Lock the doors: It will help in case someone tries to steal something from your car.
  • Use a car cover only for outdoor storage or in very dusty locations: Leaving the car “open” indoors allows water vapor to leave the car after humid weather conditions.

In February 2020 (fourth week edition), we feature the following luxury rides for your viewing and purchasing pleasure:

  1. 2012 LEXUS RX 350
  3. 2019 LEXUS LX 570
  4. 2019 MERCEDES-BENZ G 63 AMG

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