Our ride needs air just as much as it needs fuel, oil and other associated pads. 

The air filter component is stored inside of the engine free of dust and insects.  It is important to replace and/or clean out the air filter at regular intervals to ensure a smooth air control inside of the ride and the engine.  It also affords the engine to breath and run smoothly.

The air filters in itself are not too expensive to replace and so it falls under the “DO IT YOURSELF” activities if you own a ride.

We have enumerated a simple step below, on how you go about doing this:

  • Ensure to obtain the exact replacement air filter for your ride.  This can be obtained from the auto part seller nearest to you or you can order this as well online. 
  • Before you commence any replacement activity, please ensure the vehicle is parked on a level ground, and applying the secondary brake (Hand or leg break) to secure the car firmly, while turning off the car at the same time.
  • Open and secure firmly the bonnet or hood.
  • Identity or locate the air box or air filter compartment, loosen the clamp to release the covers, thereby having direct access to the air filter itself.
  • Remove the filter by simply taking it out of its compartment.
  • Clean the air filter and its compartment by using a compressed air system to blow this out.  You can also just dust the air filter or take it to a nearby vulcanizer to assist you with applying air.
  • Replace the filter just the same way you took it out or if a new one is available, skip as stated above and just replace the filter.
  • Strive to firmly return everything back in its place and secure firmly the compartment.
  • Strive to periodically check the air filter to keep it clean and give your car the ability to breath normally.
  • You can check the filter as often as your car goes for an oil change or general maintenance.

In our March 2020 (First week edition), we feature the following luxury rides for your viewing and purchasing pleasure:

  1. 2004 LEXUS RX 330
  3. 2009 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER SR

All these run and drive rides are easily repaired within a couple of days. 

Are you interested in these rides?  If yes, please take a tour of the picture and do contact us if you require any further clarifications.

At www.vi-mtalentassist.com we are providing an end-to-end service offering to all “would be talent” who purchase a vehicle through our platform.  Ranging from instalment payments (not more than three months), full payment on delivery, repairs and periodic maintenance, Q&A on your vehicle and a partner you can talk to on your vehicle issues.

If you are interested, place a call to speak to any of our consultants or if you prefer, speak directly to Magnus.

Magnus can be reached on +2348028646609 or via email care@vi-mtalentassist.com.


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