RIDE WITH MAGNUS – M’ber Edition Cont’d V2.

Preparing for the holidays – Three (3) essential must do!

Avoid having issues all the time with your car.  Learn these essential things to keep your car running and in good condition!  

For most of us, after purchasing a new ride, we are eager to hit the road with family and friends.

That great feeling is normal for anyone but you must know these few essential things about your vehicle.

  • The Brakes: – This part of any vehicle can and should not be overlooked.  A faulty brake will definitely lead to accidents, hence the need to keep those brakes maintained at all times and be in control of your car.  If in doubt, get your brake and its accessories checked every three (3) months.
  • Spare tire: – This always comes in handy whenever there is a flat tire.  Always ensure that a spare tire and jack is in the trunk of your vehicle so that you avoid running into trouble when changing your tire.  Periodically, check that the spare is well inflated to avoid surprises, when its usage arises.
  • Engine oil: – It is also essential to keep your car engine clean and lubricated to avoid friction and heating of the critical components of your car. Typically, the engine oil should be changed every four months or when you have done about 5,000miles, whichever comes first (this varies between vehicles).  In changing your engine oil, please strive to use good quality oil with the vehicle specifications.  You can get the oil viscosity from the vehicle manual on from the engine.

Below are rides within our control for your purchase or viewing pleasure:

2015 Toyota Corolla

2013 Toyota Venza

We are also able to assist you dispose your current ride, if you so desire.

At www.vi-mtalentassist.com we are providing an end-to-end service offering to all “would be talent” who purchase a vehicle through our platform.  Ranging from instalment payments (not more than three months), full payment on delivery, repairs and periodic maintenance, Q&A on your vehicle and a partner you can talk to on your vehicle issues.

If you are interested, place a call to speak to any of our consultants or if you prefer, speak directly to Magnus.

Magnus can be reached on +2348028646609 or via email care@vi-mtalentassist.com.

Are you interested in these rides? 

If yes, please take a tour at www.vi-mtalentassist.com.


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