RIDE WITH MAGNUS- ways to become more productive

Believe in yourself

Get out of your own way! Stop making up reasons you can’t accomplish something and start focusing on all the reasons you’re able to accomplish your goals. Creating excuses is an avoidance technique that prevents you from really getting down to business and being more productive to achieve exactly what you want. Start believing in your own abilities.

Try not to multitask

Doing multiple tasks at once might make you feel like you’re being more productive, but it actually slows you down. By trying to focus on multiple tasks, you actually complete each task more slowly than if you had just done one thing at a time. Of course, there are moments during your day when you can benefit from multitasking (like working on your elevator pitch while doing laundry), but for the most part, you should single-task in order to be more productive.

Identify your “time thieves”

A good way to be more productive is to reduce or get rid of the activities or situations that waste your time—also known as “time thieves.” An easy one is reducing the amount of television that you watch. Harder ones to spot are things that tend to distract or interrupt your flow, or a bad habit you might not have noticed. Figuring out what really wastes your time at home or at work can help you avoid these things in the future.

Write down your daily goals

Getting your day organized in advance is a great productivity tip. Set daily goals that are attainable and then spend your day working towards them. It’s important to note that actually writing your goals down is strongly associated with achieving them—so make sure to do it!

Stop checking your email so often

You probably don’t need to be told that email can eat up a good chunk of the day. Not only does checking and responding to messages take time, it interrupts your workflow. There are strategies to help you stop checking your emails so often. One tip is to schedule specific times of day to check your email and then log off.

Let go of perfectionism

This productivity tip is going to be tough for some people: it’s time to let go of perfectionism. There’s actually a correlation between perfectionism and lower productivity. All that time spent making things absolutely perfect is making you less productive!

-Rebecca Chant


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