Accidents on the road occur because someone somewhere is not paying attention to road safety rules. There are several factors that come into place while traveling on the road. There are road safety rules for drivers to follow as well as the pedestrians and other vehicles.

We will be focusing mainly on the road safety rules that everybody on the road needs to keep in mind. Now what are some of these rules?

Road safety rules

  • Keep to the left: Keep to the left while driving and allow vehicles from the opposite direction to pass. Most head-on accidents happen as we fail to keep to the left and stay in the middle of the road. This is one of the most important road safety rules for drivers.
  • Slow done on bends and turn: Another mistake most people make is to never slow down on turns and bends. Be more cautious when negotiating bends and sharp turns.
  • Move cautiously and slowly during congestion on roads: This is another very important road safety rule that most of us ignore.  We should move carefully especially at the round-abouts and road junctions.
  • Remain within the speed limit: This is common sense and a common one among road safety rules for drivers. Keep in mind that the speed limit is related to the traffic condition of the area. If you come within schools and hospitals, just slow down
  • Maintain the right distance: Often it is seen that collisions occur because adequate distance from the vehicle in front is not maintained. These are important road safety rules for drivers.
  • Understand and follow the road signs: These road safety rules are a must for all to follow, whether walking on the road or in their vehicles. It can be dangerous for your as well as other people n the road if you have poor understanding of the road signs.

Keep the above road safety rules in mind while travelling and make the roads safe for yourself and everyone.

Curated by: Ojoko francesco


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