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Vi-M TAS Cover

Vi-M TAS Cover provides cover for every subscribing business on its tax and accounting requirements. Our seasoned and professional accountants articulate and provide all the accountant needs of subscribing small businesses at very discounted fees and save their owners the high cost of hiring good in-house accountants, and supporting external consultants.

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Vi-M Tax Assist

You can now know all about your taxes, compute your Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax (WHT), run your payroll and compute Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax/pension deductions every month for free on Tax Assist is a web based software that not only calculates and helps remit taxes, but teaches and helps business/finance persons find out how these taxes work; the very first of its kind in Nigeria.

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Tax Law Book App

The Tax Law Book (TLB) App is a compendium of all the most important Nigerian Tax laws (as amended to date). It is a must-have for foreign and local companies, employees and employers, finance and tax professionals, students in related fields, government tax agencies and investors wishing to do business in Nigeria.
It is free of charge to install and use. Just think ‘Vi-M Professional Solutions’ whenever you think ‘Nigerian Tax’.

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Business Academy

Through the Vi-M Business Academy, Vi-M provides continuous training on business, finance, tax, innovation, marketing, people and entrepreneurship skills. The training fees are affordable, and the training sessions are flexible to accommodate the timing of the trainee. Our business academy training sessions are also very insightful and quality packed and all previous attendees have given testimony to this fact.

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Start-up Assist

In recognition of the challenges often encountered in giving a live structure to a new business idea, and actually taking it off the ground as a new business, Vi-M Start-Up Assist is designed to support start-up businesses in putting a structure around their business ideas, and in starting up a properly planned business.

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Vi-M Business Assist

Vi-M’s Business Assist, is our collection of phased business solutions, designed to assist businesses through their different life cycles- from start-up to growth, and to expansion. Our Business Assist collection includes: Start-up Assist, Post Start-up Assist, Growing Business Assist, Talent Assist and Expanding Business Plan.