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The COVID-19 season has shown us that whatever affects one directly, also affects others indirectly – Governments of different nations are collaborating, cities are on lockdown, corporations and top echelons are supporting the Governments to crush our common enemy ‘‘coronavirus’’.

This is in furtherance of the saying “One for All, All for One” (Together we stand, divided we fall).

MSME Crowd Funding Foundation, Nigeria’s first crowdfunding Foundation for supporting strictly MSMEs, has also volunteered its crowdfunding platform to fight the menace of the Covid-19 disease.

Through its Covid-19 Support initiative, the Foundation is calling on all persons, families, group and organisations needing financial support with regards to:

  1. Feeding and livelihood
  2. Displacement challenges 3. Purchase of medical supplies and protective apparels;

to log their requests through the provided link – or send an email to

Individuals who are not distressed but can access the internet/email are also invited to log requests on behalf of distressed persons who are unable to submit their requests via the provided media.

The Foundation appeals to all to remain calm and work hand in hand so we can all emerge as formidable survivors from the menace of the Coronavirus.

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NB: All entries should be sent on or before the 14 April 2020.

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