Covid-19: Support for Distressed Persons by MSME Crowd Funding Foundation

We have asked persons who are financially distressed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic to come forward and request for help through our crowdfunding website – 

They are now doing so en-mass. 

We are scrutinising and compiling the qualifying applications as they come, and have already started a fundraising campaign to this effect. View the campaign here:

We have a fear of the unknown and we know you do too, but many people out there are ALREADY facing that REALITY of lack of livelihood. 

If you are moved to help, please open the above campaign link and donate. You can donate by clicking the ‘donate’ button on the page and following the prompts thereafter. 

You will also see the list of the applications (updated continuously with incoming applications, donations received and pay outs already made) via the provided link on the campaign page. 

If you wish to donate directly to the applicants via their provided bank accounts, you are free to do so. But please send an email to to notify us afterwards, so we can update the reports.

We would appreciate very much if you also help us share this message to your contacts so they can support the cause too.

God bless you abundantly. 

For: MSME Crowd Funding Foundation, Nigeria.

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