Deaths In Azare Town Caused By Seasonal Heatwave Not COVID-19 – Bauchi Govt

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, addressing reporters in Bauchi on May 6, 2020.

Bauchi State government has explained that the reports of massive deaths recorded in Azare area of the state are caused by the seasonal heatwave and not COVID-19.

The Deputy Governor Baba Tela told journalists on Sunday that an investigation has since been carried out and the number of deaths was inflated.

“On the issue of deaths that have been happening in Azare, we got different reports. Some people said five deaths have been recorded, others said 300 people died in the last two to three days.

“I personally went and spoke to people who work at mortuary and bury people. I discovered that yes, there have been a number of deaths. This death is seasonal. It happens like that sometimes when it is very hot or cold. The same thing happened in Kano and Jigawa. We are all around the same axis.

“But I can tell you and I am very sure, the number of deaths is nowhere near what people are saying,” Tela said.

The deputy governor who is also the Chairman of the state taskforce on COVID-19, therefore, said social media reports that 300 people died in a week is untrue and urged members of the public not to believe it.

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