Halima Abubakar Called Out By US Mother For ‘Stealing’ Baby Photo

A few days ago, Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar announced that she was a new mother after welcoming her first child.

Halima made her baby’s delivery public with an image of an infant hand holding an adult’s thumb.

The Nollywood star described the photo saying, “A gift from God And I will cherish you for life :weary::heart::heart::heart:Biggest miracle :heart:A Boy:pray::skin-tone-2: 3/4/20.”

However, days afterwards, the actress is now being accused of stealing a photo of another baby to pose as hers on Instagram.

Halima was called out by a mother in the United States who claims that Abubakar stole the photo from her page.

The photo which was shared on her Instagram page on Monday, April 6, 2020, by the actress following the arrival of her baby has been taken down.

The disgruntled mom identified as @the_arielb on Instagram said, “I guess we are now famous in another country.” She then went on to write, “I will not edit, delete, or censor my page because of the simple mindedness of others.”

Ariel went on to share screenshots of conversations between herself and Abubakar where she appealed to the actress to take down the photo of her baby from her Instagram page.

Explaining that she posts her kids and life because she loves it and is proud of who they are, Ariel says having a baby is a private moment she decided to share. She opines that 2020 makes it look like having a baby is not personal but a screenshot crop and repost kind of comment.

The disparity in post times on Instagram shows that Ariel posted her photo on March 13 while Abubakar posted the same photo some weeks later, in April.

Screenshots of direct messages conversation between Ariel and the actress, shows Abubakar admitting that she only posted the photo to announce her child’s birth.

Apologising for the incovenience, the Nollywood star said she will delete the photo while congratulating Ariel on the birth of her child but the photo is still stayed up on Halima’s Instagram page after she said she will delete it.

Halima first hinted about being pregnant back in November 2019 when she said she is expecting a “Lil Minnie” and can’t wait for motherhood.

We still have PTSD from Oge Okoye stealing photo of another person’s dog, and Halima Abubakar is being dragged on IG right now for stealing a baby’s photo.

These actresses will embarrass you:weary: pic.twitter.com/mcyegAGBH5

— Cross˚ (@Elcrucifixio) April 9, 2020

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