Handwashing Project: I Did What I Felt Was Right – Desmond Elliot

Desmond elliot, WAJE, “Make Nigeria Stronger” campaign

File: Desmond Elliot

Actor-lawmaker, Desmond Elliot, has said his handwashing project for his constituency was done with the right motive.

The actor had posted a photo of the project which was meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus on his Instagram page but faced backlash from his followers some of whom accused him of “campaigning” under the guise of distributing relief materials.

Desmond Elliot, in a reaction to the criticisms that greeted the development, admitted that he would normally not respond to the backlash.

“Normally,” he said,  “I will just let things pass but this has to do with life and death owing to the COVID-19 that we know about. I think responding will be very apt and quite germane.

“I just got couple of people who sent messages to me  showing me the backlash and stuff going on concerning the buckets (he shared).”

According to the lawmaker who represents Surulere Constituency, he is not averse to criticisms .

“I am not averse to criticisms. As a matter of fact , I love criticisms. But you see, I love criticisms when they are constructive,” he admitted.

“There was not even one (comment) in the whole social media space that has said, ‘Look at how you can do this.’ There is a lot of negativity out there and I wonder why.”

Speaking further, he lamented that some people are fond of always seeing negativity, and would not talk about many projects he had done for his constituency.

He said: “If you read my post, and I just remembered you guys on social media don’t read, I said makeshift. It was something I was gonna test-run and see if it was gonna work. To the world, it was not working, to the people, it was.”

On customising the handwashing materials, the lawmaker asked: “What is it about my face being there? If I wanted to score points,  I would have put my face in the bags of garri and in every bag of rice.”

He added that “I am doing what I feel is right, I am doing it because I am here and you are there,” asking: ” What makes it bad that my face is there? Is it your face I would put?”

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