I Thought It Was Malaria, Nigerian Singer Jumabee Shares COVID-19 Experience

Singer Jumabee. Photo: Instagram/Jumabee

Nigerian singer, Juwon Olorunnipa, also known as Jumabee, has shared his experience battling COVID-19, saying he thought it was malaria initially. 

The UK-based singer who tested positive to COVID-19, took to his Instagram handle to reveal that he developed high fever about two weeks ago.

According to Jumabee, he thought it was malaria when it started since he had just returned from Nigeria and had started taking medications for the ailment.

He disclosed that after three days of taking malaria medications, the situation only got worse as he was battling with his life.

Furthermore, he said when medical officials arrived his home after a series of failed attempts, they could not take him to the hospital since there was no space.

“When the paramedics finally came, they confirmed it was covid 19 but that they couldn’t take me to the hospital because all the hospitals were filled up and the NHS was overly overwhelmed, they said even if they took me to the hospital, I would most likely get worse because of the conditions there so they recommended I stayed at home and fight for my life,” Jumabee narrated.

“After they left, I started having suicidal thoughts, nothing mattered anymore. I got even worse, cough started along with severe diarrhea, my skin began to peel too.”

He added: “Something just had to be done, with the help of many, we found a private hospital after days of search where I was stabilized for days.

“On returning home after testing negative. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes, I had lost so much weight, I started crying because I had thought that was the end for me but God gave me.”

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