Introducing Premium Tax Law Book App (by Vi-M): Finance Act, 2019 in a Mobile App

We at Vi-M Professional Solutions, a tech focused Tax, Audit, Advisory and People Services Firm, are using this opportunity to announce the release / launch of our rebranded Tax Law Book (“TLB” “The App).  

This rebranded version of the TLB contains all legislated TAX RESOURCES and much more for our intended subscribers on any handheld device.  The laws in TLB have been updated with the provisions of the gazetted version of the Finance Act 2019, making it easier to read, interpret and apply, in conjunction with the existing provisions of the laws. The Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts Act has also been updated with the amendments made in 2019.

The App is available on both the IOS and Android stores with effect from 8th April 2020.  We therefore call on all business owners, individuals and the general public to download and make use of the application.  

TLB is useful to all business owners, investors, employees, finance and tax practitioners, taxpayers and students in related fields.

Other Features:

In-app Purchase

Installing the application on any device is free.  However, in view of the amount of work that has gone into updating the relevant legislations and making it adaptable to users / subscribers, accessing the Laws and Regulations section attracts a one time in-app purchase of N7,200, on both the IOS and Android versions.

Resources Included

This onetime payment gives every subscriber unlimited access to the various legislations in the country that is available in the App on the go.  This is also inclusive of the various public notices, treaties, information circulates and treaties (frequently updated) as released by the relevant government agencies from time to time.

Search and zoom functionalities

Subscribers of the App are able to carry out a search function on the various legislations using certain unique words, which gives them the freedom NOT to memorize each and every section, sub-section, content or paragraphs of the numerous legislations in the country.  The App also comes with a zoom functionality for enhanced user interaction.

Continuous Insights

Our subscribers are able to get insights from our blog post for free and it comes with a notification feature for new post if and when published.

Book Service with Ease and on Your Terms

All users are able to book for services directly from the App, indicating their respective budget, timeline and other specifications, all from within the App.  One can also send messages or enquiries with ease from ‘Send a Message’ menu tab of the App.

Premium Insights

Coming soon – a unique and formidable companion for all users of the app. 

Social Media and Contact Links

There are several other useful links on the app, which every subscriber can use to interact with Vi-M Professional Solutions.

Please click on link to watch a YouTube video demo of the TLB –

We call on you to visit the app stores below to download the TLB and connect to the world of mobile tax laws:

IOS or Apple store –

Android or Google –

For more enquiries on TLB, please send an email to

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