Masked man followed Gokada founder before murder, CCTV reveals

Fresh facts have emerged that a masked fellow trailed the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gokada, Fahim Saleh, before he was killed on Tuesday.
According to footage of closed-circuit television obtained by Manhattan Police, Saleh was shown in his residence at 265, East Houston Street, Manhattan, entering an elevator with the fellow who was wearing a black suit and a black mask.
On the video, the elevator door opens and the 33-year-old Saleh goes into the apartment while the masked person follows directly behind him, and the two immediately start to struggle, said a Police official according to The New York Times.
The sister is seen on the video arriving a short time later. There is a second way out of the apartment through a service entrance, the official said.
His sister made the gruesome discovery at 3:30 pm when she went to check on him after not hearing from him for a day, the official added.
Medical examiners have not officially determined the cause of his death but the Police were investigating the incident as a homicide.
Saleh’ s dismembered and decapitated remains were found in his home on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon while his dog, Laila, was, however, found alive in the apartment.

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