RIDE WITH MAGNUS – 9th June 2020 Edition

Importance of Car Maintenance

Reasons abound for all ride owners to ensure / perform at least basic maintenance needs on their rides.  Some of these reasons are:

  1. Guarantees ride and passenger’s safety
  2. Your rides improved performance, enhancement and reliability
  3. Identifies repairs needs early, thereby saving time and cost on huge future repairs
  4. Improves second hand value, should you wish to sell the ride
  5. Reduces frequency of breakdown and improves usage

Some of the routine maintenance activity that must be performed by a ride owner includes:

  1. Regular inspection is necessary
  2. Clear understanding of all warning light and indications
  3. Water and Oil check
  4. Monitor temperature levels when you drive on difference speed levels and traffic situations
  5. Tire pressure checks and periodic rotations
  6. Monitor brakes and replace where necessary
  7. Check air conditioner status and replace gas if necessary
  8. Change air filter is needed
  9. Check battery heads and clean them
  10. Check power steering oils and monitor leakages
  11. Change engine oil after every 5,000 miles or three (3) months whichever comes
  12. Replace any damaged parts and ensure that all is working very well

Also ensure that you have your own tools to aid in you in some of these do it your self-maintenance

As always, the above list is not exhaustive, but this should give you the basics to get started.

In the event you are looking to change your car, we have the following ready for inspection and purchase:

2015 Toyota Corolla

2013 Toyota Venza

2012 Toyota Camry XLE

2007 Lexus ES 350

We are also able to assist you dispose your current ride, if you so desire.

At www.vi-mtalentassist.com we are providing an end-to-end service offering to all “would be talent” who purchase a vehicle through our platform.  Ranging from instalment payments (not more than three months), full payment on delivery, repairs and periodic maintenance, Q&A on your vehicle and a partner you can talk to on your vehicle issues.

If you are interested, place a call to speak to any of our consultants or if you prefer, speak directly to Magnus.

Magnus can be reached on +2348028646609 or via email care@vi-mtalentassist.com.

Are you interested in these rides? 

If yes, please take a tour at www.vi-mtalentassist.com.

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