It is no longer news that our country and continent is at the moment been ravaged by the dreadful #Coronavirus aka #COVID19. 

The number of confirmed cases in Nigeria is present about 135 confirmed cases and 2 deaths, with over 6,000+ contact tracing activities going on behind the scene.  In the world stage, we have about 802,748 confirmed cases, 39,019 deaths and about 172,319 recovered cases.

The relevant government agencies have now declared a lockdown from 11pm on Monday, 30th March 2020 in Lagos State, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Ogun State (to take effect from 11pm on Friday, 3rd April, 2020).  The main reason is because these states have a high number of infected people and to aid in slowing down the spread and enhancing the contact tracing activities, the lockdown has become necessary.

What does all these mean for our rides? 

In simple terms, if you are a citizen living in the affected lockdown states, your ready is also on lockdown or on #Coronaholiday as it is termed in the local parlance.  It thus implies that we would not be using our cars daily for the next 14days or more, depending on what happens in the next few days.

As such and as we #Lockdown, we need to give our cars attention so that they can remain #Healthy to return back to active use once the lockdown is called off.

Below are some simple daily or routine tips that we should carry out:

  1. Ensure that your ride is parked in a safe place.  Safety is important to avoid complete or partial theft of your ride
  2. As advised by physicians, it is pertinent we remain active while #Stayathome is in force, therefore, I recommend you routinely ‘warm’ (start the car) for about 5-15mins daily.  This would keep the engine oils and other electrical parts active and functional.
  3. If you would not be able to do 2 above, I recommend you remove the positive head of the battery, so as to stop all supply to the control system of your ride.
  4. If you do 3 above, look for a relevant car cover material and cover your ride to keep is safe and cool while in the heat / sun.
  5. If you prefer to warm daily or routinely, this would be a good time to conduct some “do-it-yourself’ activities, like checking the oil gauge, tire pressure level, radiator water / cooling level, air conditioning status, engine tune level, headlight and back light conditions (especially reverse, break and turning signal indications), status of your spare tires, c-caution, fire extinguishers and so on.  This is to keep you assured that you have all that is required to get your car back on the road safely once the #Lockdown is over.
  6. It is also a good time to wash your own car yourself, thereby taking note of all scratches and other body conditions of your ride.  As you do this you pay attention to the exterior and interior conditions of your ride and better be able to plan to repair or replace your ride, if necessary.
  7. Checking your tire conditions at this time is also very important.  You would note that in the next month or 2, we would be getting into the rainy season or period of the year.  To be able to drive safely in the rain, you would need a good tire with proper pressure and threading. And if in doubt – change it.  You can send me a picture of your tire with the year and other details and I can advise on what needs to happen.

In conclusion, while #stayingathome, I encourage you to take a day or two to check your ride and pay attention to it.  You would agree that your ride is critical to your mobility and a safe ride is a safe return to family and friends.

In this my #Covid19 edition, I am featuring the following rides for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. 

  5. 2013 MERCEDES BENZ ML 350

All these run and drive rides are easily repaired within a couple of days.  Also note that these rides have now become somewhat cheaper in view of the present economic situations everywhere.  Perhaps, it might be beneficial to change your ride.  We are also able to assist you dispose your current ride.

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