Enterprise Story of Green Campus Initiative by Adenike

Meet Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental researcher, educator, female child educator and a social entrepreneur through her enterprise the “Green Campus Initiative”. She is a published author in numerous publications. She also lectures at Obafemi Awolowo University(Adeyemi College Campus)

Adenike is passionate about the environment, which led her to study environmental microbiology from Babcock Unversity. A former Intern of the Clinton Foundation, she was inspired to start her social enterprise after a question she asked her class of 250 (what do they understand about going green) went unanswered.

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) tackles the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability through innovative academic research, results-based green initiatives, and building a generation of environmentally conscious, socially conscious student leaders.

GCI educates, engages and enlightens young people to live green, as well as equip them with the vital tools to positively transform their communities, nation and generation.

Adenike cares about the Girl child education and founded the girl prize. To quote Adenike, her goal is “Greening Nigeria, one university at a time. The goal is to have a GCI chapter in all schools”.

Her advice to budding young female entrepreneurs is to Start now, start right, start proud and don’t stop.



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