Enterprise Story of Hotels.ng, by Mark Anthony Essien

Meet Mark Anthony Essien, Nigerian tech entrepreneur, software developer, computer engineer and founder/CEO of Hotels.ng, the largest website for booking hotels in Nigeria with about 80 employees. It has over 7,138 hotels in its list and its operation spread across 320 cities in Nigeria and over a million hotel searches to date.

Mark left Nigeria at the age of 18 years to Germany, where he studied computer engineering and obtained his master’s degree in computer science. He built applications for Nascent Apple app store and developed applications such as Gnumm and a language learning start-up called ingolingo.

After researching the technology sector and Nigeria, and noticed the travels/tourism sector was lacking in the country. Mark disrupted the sector in 2013 through his start- up hotels.ng.

Hotels.ng is an online hotel booking websites that help customers book hotel rooms online, providing comprehensive help and support to clients and make the hotel booking process smooth and easy.

Hotels.ng has made a great impact in the travels and tourism sector, getting investments from Jason Njoku through Spark.ng and from international investors EchoVC Pan-Africa Fund, a seed-stage technology fund, and Omidyar Network, the investment vehicle of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Mark hopes to expand hotel.ng with two proposed services hotel.africa – continental hotel booking – and fly.africa  an international flight booking portal. He is TEDX speaker at TEDxGbagada and TEDxEuston and was selected as one of 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Africa in 2015 by Forbes’ Magazine.





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