Enterprise Story of Omo Alata, by Kasope Ladipo-Ajai

The desire to work on a business that would showcase her creativity led 2015 SLA (She Leads Africa) – Entrepreneur Showcase winner Kasope Ladipo-Ajai to starting her food processing company Omo Alata. Kasope, with a degree in Computer Science, resigned from a full-time job to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions

While on trips abroad, she went to various African stores and realized that many of the ingredients for cooking Nigerian meals were not produced or packaged in Nigeria. This is largely due to packaging issues in the country which rules out the exporting of some its food products.

Kasope: “We have all these products but why can’t we package it properly? If we package it properly then we can export it.” It was with this realization that the idea for a food service brand was birthed.

Kasope has had to tackle several challenges that come with running a business in the food industry` such as high cost of seasonal resources when out of season and the lack of constant electricity supply.

And the winner is…

Kasope won first prize in SLA’s 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase. She won a $10,000 cash prize, a mobile device from Etisalat, international media coverage and a host of other prizes.

Listen to Kasope talk about good food and her business here:



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