Enterprise Story of Rotimi Williams

Meet Rotimi Williams, the journalist turned social entrepreneur and founder/CEO of kereksuk rice farm, the 2nd largest rice (45,000 hectares) farm in Nigeria based on land size employs over 600 indigenes in Nasarawa state.

During his job position in Euromoney Magazine (having to travel to different African countries) he was exposed to the agricultural sectors of the countries he visited, Rotimi decided when he comes home to venture into the agricultural sector since it was not fully tapped in Nigeria.

Raising funds with his partner to start-up his enterprise proved arduous, which led to Rotimi setting up a “structured trade and commodity finance company” and into consulting to help agric-enterpreneurs raise funds.

Watch the video above to know more of how Rotimi went from trying to raise funds to set up and owning one of the 2nd largest rice farm based on land space.

As a social entrepreneur, he uses his farm out of poverty initiative to support 30 students selected for a 3-year program, by setting aside and investing funds to be used for their individual tertiary stage education

Rotimi hopes to reach a full optimal use of the space on his farm by 2020. Watch videos below to find out more.



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