Israel Prepared For ‘Unavoidable’ Coronavirus, Says Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech in Jerusalem on October 10, 2019. AFP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday Israel was preparing for “unavoidable” cases of coronavirus, as the disease spreads across the globe.

“Our foremost goal is to postpone the arrival of the virus to Israel. I say ‘postpone’ because its arrival is unavoidable,” Netanyahu said in a statement

“We will then identify, treat, isolate and deal with those infected,” said the prime minister who met ministers and senior health officials to discuss Israel’s preparedness.

There have been no recorded cases in Israel yet.

But authorities have barred all flights from China and are refusing entry to foreigners who travelled to China in the past two weeks.

Israelis who have visited the country have been told to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days, even if they have no symptoms.

Netanyahu’s office on Sunday said the prime minister had instructed Israel’s Biological Institute to try and produce a vaccine against the virus and set up a vaccination network in Israel.



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