Chief Razak Akanni Okoya was born in the early forties.  He is a Lagos based billionaire business man and Chairman and CEO of Eleganza Group of companies.  He is also an industrialist and the Aare of Lagos.

Chief Razaq hails from a humble background and family, and with hard work dedication and focus, was able to build for himself and family an Empire that would outlive him.  Chief Okoya grew up working in his father’s tailoring business, where he gathered the necessary experience, skill, determination and savings to venture out on his own tailoring and accessory business.

Chief Okoya is a highly intuitive individual, several of his business ideas and decisions have been borne out of the needs or things around him.  Due to the success he recorded from this first business, Chief was able to venture and try his hands on other lines of business and was able to secure huge success.

Chief Razaq believes strongly in “Made-In-Nigeria” as can be evidenced by the fact that he invested heavily in building and setting up several manufacturing concerns and lines in the country, while employing several persons to work in his business.


  1. Chief Razak Akanni Okoya had only elementary education in Lagos.
  2. Having interned or worked under his father, he was able to acquire all that was needed in life to start, scale and build a business empire. He had a dream, he was dedicated, focused and hardworking, therefore he was able to actualize.
  3. At an early age, Chief Razaq was determined to be an entrepreneur following keen observations of people he come in contact with.
  4. With a huge confidence, he was able to setup a side hustle to his father’s business and saved every money he made, stitching shirts, trousers and so on.
  5. With his savings he approached his parents for additional support and when granted, he ventured into importation.
  6. With an eye for quality products and service, Chief Okoya was able to discern the difference in quality and price of locally obtained goods and thus capitalized on this.
  7. He made quick and good turnovers on this trade, thus expanded his business rapidly.
  8. Thereafter his foray into manufacturing begin. He strived to replicate foreign manufacturing processes locally, as he believed Nigerian could do better.
  9. The success recorded in his manufacturing line of business gave birth to the Eleganza Group.
  10. Following another observation of his wife’s taste for jewellery and associated cost of same, he took a decision to replicate the manufacturing processes locally and thus the birth of Eleganza Jewellery.
  11. Chief Okoya’s Eleganza Jewellery line of business became a huge success and he later decided to venture into importation shoes.
  12. Following his Business Partners’ failure to deliver on a shoe shipment, he again elected to establish a shoe factory here in Lagos and ensured that the right machines and technical know-how were in place to drive desired growth.
  13. The Eleganza Group of companies presently employees about 5,000 workers, with multiple office locations spread across Lagos (Alaba, Apapa, Ibeju-Lekki, Isolo, Oregun, Igamnu and so on).
  14. The group has several subsidiaries producing, shoes, hair threads, Jewries, several plastic related house hold needs and designs, electric fans, ladies sanitary, soaps, luggage, pens and many daily house hold needs numerous to mention.
  15. The group also boast of a property investment arm focused on its real estate investment arrangements in Lagos environs.


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