Motivational Personality of the Week – Oscar Ekponimo


Oscar Ekponimo is a software engineer, a social and technology entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of Chowberry Inc, a cloud based software that reduces food wastage and simultaneously alleviating poverty in the community by making good and nutritious food available to consumers at a discounted price.

Oscar has championed several software innovations and solutions, especially in using technology to solve or address local challenges within Nigeria and Africa at large.

  1. Oscar Ekponimo was born in Calabar – Nigeria. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State and is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School.
  2. Oscar was also part of the inaugural Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), where he completed a course in Technology Entrepreneurship.
  3. He has over 10 years of experience in information, technology and telecommunication space in Nigeria. Over this period, he has worked in several roles, acquired relevant skills / foundation needed to venture into entrepreneurship, thus the launch of his application.
  4. Oscar believed in his vision, was emotionally connected / prepared and had empathy as someone who had personally experienced the pains of hunger first hand (going for about two days without having a good meal) – an experience which ignited the flame within him.
  5. Prior to the launch of Chowberry, Oscar in association with some friends started “Blue Valentine”, where they distributed warm food to the needy and street kids every valentine’s day. This initiative is what grew into Chowberry Inc.
  6. Chowberry Inc, founded in 2014, is a cloud based software solution (an app), that alleviates poverty, reduces food wastages and makes nutritious food available to consumers at a discounted price.
  7. Chowberry connects supermarkets and grocery stores to Non-Governmental / Charity Organisations (NG/CO), alerting them on expiry dates of products on shelves.
  8. These partner NG/CO then picks-up the product(s) at discounted price or sometimes free and distribute same to the needy and low-income households.
  9. It is Chowberry’s vision to expand its operations to other parts of the country and the Nation at large, with a view to increasing the livelihood of the needy in our country.
  10. Mr. Ekponimo was named in the Time Magazine’s list of 10 Next Generation Leaders for the impact being made by Chowberry Inc in the society. He also emerged as one (the only African awardee) of the Five Young Laureates winning the Rolex Enterprise Award for 2016.
  11. Oscar Ekponimo is passionate about causes such as human rights, poverty alleviation, science and technology and social services.
  12. He is investing in technology, research and development activities geared towards improving the lives of the needy and low-income households in our communities.
  13. Oscar Ekponimo is a member of the Advisory Board for Digital Communities to ARS Electronica GmBH Austria and has served as the One Young World Ambassador from Nigeria.


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