Motivational Personality of the Week- Uche Pedro

Uche Eze Pedro, (born 26 July 1984) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, social media expert and entrepreneur. She is the founder of BellaNaija, an online entertainment, fashion and lifestyle magazine.

  1. Her childhood days were spent in Nigeria, where she attended both primary and secondary schools, before leaving for Canada to further her education. She studied Business Administration at Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
  2. Uche started blogging as a hobby, using it as a means of keeping herself busy while waiting to resume her post graduate job with Shell. The idea for starting up came to her while she was still studying as an undergraduate.
  3. She founded BellaNaija in July 2006, in the same year she graduated. However, prior to starting the blog, Uche had been a big-time lover of fashion.
  4. Out of love for her home country, Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, she would visit whenever she had a break either at school or at work. Each time she visited Nigeria, she heard and saw how everything in Nigeria was growing, the fashion industry becoming more vibrant, entertainment industry booming, young people getting involved in politics, birth of new businesses by young entrepreneurs and so on. It was so encouraging to her, so she decided to start something that will represent the new exciting vibe in the country. And so, she began to blog about fashion and celebrities in Nigeria, she started by scanning magazine articles, pictures and interviews of Nigerian fashion personalities, and that was how her website was initiated.
  5. She was blogging in a low-profile way as a hobby until her BellaNaija site began to expand having over one million visitors every month. At that point, she then revealed the personality behind to the media. has grown enormously ever since attracting millions of visitors from around the African continent. BellaNaija has a young team of reporters and bloggers responsible for the creation of over 90 percent of the content uploaded to the site.
  6. In 2017, the BellaNaija team completed the Stanford Seed Transformation Program. They then expanded one of the platform’s key brands into a standalone site, and the brand partnered with the United Nations Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights for an awareness campaign. Currently, Uche and her team are working to further build out BellaNaija Weddings, as well as other yet-to-be-disclosed additions to the empire.
  7. In 2014, Uche was named in Forbes’list of “30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa”. Her other awards and recognitions include:
  • African Fashion Week’s Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Communication Award, in 2010;
  • also won the Online Publication of the Year award at the FAB Awards, in 2012;
  • Uche won The Future Awards’ Young Media Entrepreneur of the Year, in 2013;
  • Creative Industries Awards for Bloggers, in 2015; and
  • Kids Choice Awards’ Best African Blogger, in 2016.
  1. Uche is married to Bode Pedro, the Founder/ CEO of Veda Technology and the son of the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State.
  2. She delivered her beautiful set of twins in 2015.

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