Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

A resume is a written compilation of one’s educational background, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments. It is the document that serves as a jobseeker’s “first impression” to a prospective employer. It is therefore expedient that the resume is written with due care and diligence so as to attract potential employers and yield productive results.

It is quite unfortunate, however, that most jobseekers handle the task of writing their resumes with levity. With technology gradually replacing human at workplaces, the use of the Applicants Tracking System (ATS) to screen resumes is increasing. Thereby easing the job of the hiring manager because it is only those resumes which scale through the ATS that get an interview opportunity. This has hindered several qualified jobseekers from landing their dream jobs.

Though there is no such thing as a standard resume format, its content and design are of utmost considerations, as they have to be reflective of the owner’s personality and the kind of jobs he/ she wants. Despite no standard format for it, people have the tendency to submit resumes that end no where other than the hiring manager’s bin. It is therefore not a bad idea to consult a professional resume writer to assist in producing a stand-out resume that describes your background and skills effectively.

Here are some of the benefits jobseekers stand to gain from hiring a professional resume writer:

1. Objective description of skills and background: Often, people find it difficult, if not impossible, to describe their educational and career background without including some sentiments and bias. Also, people do undervalue some little tasks which they completed successfully at their previous jobs, and therefore ignore them in their resume even if they are relevant to the job search. Hiring a professional writer will help you decide what to include, what to remove, and what to emphasize in your resume.

2. Saves time and lets jobseekers stay focused: Job hunting itself is a job on its own, as it requires dedication and a whole lot of time. It may be necessary to hire a professional resume writer to reduce the burden of job hunting. This makes out time for jobseekers to focus their energy on other key job hunting tasks that cannot be outsourced, such as identifying appropriate job opportunities, preparing for tests and interviews, and updating your technical knowledge in line with industry trends.

3. An error-free and professional product is created: A crucial benefit of hiring a resume writer is to create a well-polished, error-free, and professional looking resume. Errors, grammatical mistakes, and clumsy presentation/ design of resumes can be read as lacking an eye for detail by potential employers. Such errors are can also make recruiters lose focus of your strengths, abilities, and how you can actually add value to their businesses. It is therefore worthwhile to hire a professional resume writer if writing is not your strength.

4. The resume is in line with current trends: Some words and phrases are no longer in vogue to be included in a resume, as the ATS does not find them appealing. Professional writers ensure to use the right words that will make it through the ATS and meet the expectations of hiring managers. They also keep up with trends in resume writing, as well as have first-hand knowledge of what has worked and what has not been as effective with clients they have worked with in the past. Their experience is sure an added-value on your resume.
It is important to note that “seeking for help does not signify weakness, rather a sign of strength”. Jobseekers should therefore feel comfortable to partner with professional resume writers to create a great “first impression”. Hiring a professional resume writer is really a worthwhile investment, as they understand what jobseekers are going through and offer helpful advice to guide them on the next step in their professional life


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