Six criteria that determine a job change within the consulting industry

vacantum GmbH, one of the leading german recruitment agencies, has interviewed more than 2,000 applicants from the fields of IT and consulting about their motivation to change. Contrary to the frequent assumption that a salary improvement is in the foreground, active seekers also mention the following aspects for professional change:

1. Greater area of responsibility/career jump

The most frequently mentioned reason is the willingness to take on more responsibility, which should also be rewarded by a step on the career ladder. Many see no further development opportunities with their current employer. In the new job you would like to advance specialist topics, contribute to product developments or innovations, or assume project and management responsibility.

2. Modern working environment / professional development

Many applicants from IT attach particular importance to a modern technology environment. Consultants are keen to assure that the employer may offer attractive project assignments. The attractiveness of the employer is also measured by the continuing education offer.

3. Improved work life balance

Due to a change in private living conditions many consultants are striving to reduce travel and unpredictable working hours.

4. Change of scenery

Many employees consider themselves ready for a change after a few years with the same company and would like to get to know something new (e.g. other industries). The desire for change is often increased if the current work area, e.g. through use in a long-term project, offers only limited variety.

5. More stability and continuity

Many consultants complain about an unstable working environment characterized by takeovers of the respective employer and regular strategic realignments. Also rumours about – and/or concrete economic difficulties, lead to the fact that one looks around as a precaution.

6. Salary improvement

Last but not least, many applicants expect a salary increase as a result of the job change. In many cases it is stated that the current employer does not keep promises regarding salary increases and postpones them again and again, which additionally encourages the willingness to change.

Bottom line

It is often not a single reason that motivates to change the job and several of these aspects come together. Employers who take this into account have a good chance of retaining their employees in the long term.



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