The Benefits of Listing Your Job Vacancies on

A lot of employers find recruiting very painful as most job applicants seem unemployable. Consequently, it becomes very challenging to get the right people who can do the job. Other challenges of recruiting include: lack of recruitment skills, inability to locate the right talents, inability to assign talents to jobs that fit their unique skills/ passions and sometimes, lack of adequate finance to hire and retain talents with the desired skills.

Vi-M Talent Assist ( provides the following solutions (which can hardly be found altogether in any one of the other Nigerian recruitment websites), to help alleviate the pains of recruiting:


  1. Offers you a free platform to list your job vacancies and reach a wider audience.

  1. Offers you an array of talent resumes to review and choose from, in case you are only interested in focused recruiting or headhunting.

  1. Talents who post their resumes on are provided with personality tests that help recruiters identify their unique personalities and therefore be able to place them rightly within the organization. Vi-M can also assist with personality profiling where required.

  1. Very interestingly, the website helps you manage the entire recruitment process for all your job applicants from your ‘Job Dashboard’ while logged in as an employer. You can view resumes of all your job applicants, invite them for tests and/ or interviews, mark them as interviewed and/ or tested, make interview notes and rate them, make hire or reject decisions and mark them as such, download reports in csv file at every stage as you wish, archive applications; all from your ‘Job dashboard’ on the site and for FREE.

  1. You can get professional support with recruiting from Vi-M.

  1. You can get maximum publicity for your listed vacancies on our ‘Featured Employers’ section for a token fee.

  1. You can hire interns, freelancers, full time and contract employees as it suits your business needs or finances.

  1. You can get your new hires or existing staff trained by our people at Vi-M. You can also hire interns and get them trained at Vi-M for an agreed period of time.

  1. You can take the free online courses, regularly posted on the site to improve yourself or recommend them to your employees.

  1. You and your employees can be inspired by our motivational personalities. You too can also become one of the motivational personalities to inspire upcoming talents.

  1. You can find useful technical materials and resources from the blog.

  1. You can shop for HR related services or other business services from the ‘Shop’ page of the website.

  1. You can contact us for guidance or clarifications at any time via the ‘Got a Question?’ section, near the bottom of the home page.



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