Today On Fashion: Recycle And Be Trendy.

By Anike Emmanuella
Just like art, fashion is a means of self expression. The way you dress tells a lot about you, your mood and as well as your personality. One can deduce how trendy you are just by the way you wear your hair. Sometimes, being trendy does not entail wearing all the available designers but rather make a good combination of decent outfits can make you appear smart, classy and trendy.

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Outfits over the years seem to go out of trend but the good news there is that fashion evolves. When a particular design is out of trend, do not be in a hurry to dispose them rather tush it up and make it appear vintage.
An old pair of denim jean can be transformed into a trendy handbag without costing you a dime. All you have to do is to be creative with your stuffs and you are good to go. That old scarf lying ideal in your closet can now compliment a black gown and heels to give you a vintage look. Remember, vintage is trendy. Revamp your closet simply by recycling your old clothes and bring them back in use. Instead of looking old and moody, get alive and look vintage and trendy!!!

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