Work life balance for singles isn’t one of the first things that crosses one’s mind when thinking about singles and the issues they have to deal with when starting out in life and career.

Most singles don’t have responsibilities so they put in all their months, weeks, days in to their work, not realizing too that they have to balance work with other areas of their life. However we can’t totally blame them, the economy and cultural standards puts a toll on a single person. You think about making money before a certain age, achieving a certain level of success, getting married and other societal expectations you can think of.

Singles should start first by embracing the fact that their life would not always revolve around work. In as much as you work, you must also invest in your social life so that you can also celebrate career wins with those we have in our circle. If you must achieve great work life balance as a single person, here are few tips to go with;

TAKE A BREAK: No matter how exhilarating your work is remember to take breaks. when you get back from your break you mind is refreshed and you can start out again better than before.

CREATE TIME FOR OTHER THINGS YOU WANT TO INVEST IN: You understand yourself better and know what other things you would try out if you were not so engrossed in work, so try them out say yes to a picnic with friends, say yes to that young lad who has been dying to take you out, join that book or speaking club you always wanted to be a part of, start the mentoring session you had in mind to start for those who look up to you. don’t hold back start today.

GET SOMEONE TO HELP YOU BE ACCOUNTABLE: If you must succeed in achieving work life balance, identify someone who can keep you accountable making sure you follow through on how you set out to achieve other strides outside work.

Remember you are not alone in this issue of work life balance that seems to be a dilemma, ask those around you who have been able to maintain a certain degree of work life balance. who knows, what worked for them might work for you.

By Chiamaka Orakwue

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