10 Signs That You’re About To Be Fired

Here are 10 signs you are about to get fired:


They Get Distant: Having to deliver bad news in the very near future can make a boss appear aloof or distant in the meantime. No more face to face conversations – only emails now? That speaks loud and clear! Distance makes the boss grow fonder of doing the dirty deed.


The Fun Fades: The boss stops having fun with you when you’re job is in jeopardy. They know what they’ll soon share with you is no laughing matter so pay close attention when there’s a sudden lack of witty banter, or even worse, you’re berated in public.


Meeting of No Minds: When meetings are called, and you get no e-mail heads up, could be your attendance is no longer needed in more ways than one. One or two times could be a legitimate oversight. More than that, it’s writing on the wall.


Everything in Writing: Suddenly there’s hyper-documentation, including CC-ing everyone in the company’s universe, on all your matters, even the tritest. Likely your days are numbered. Be sure to create your own paper-trail, so you have your side to present and be sure to keep all your emails civil and professional.


No New Projects: Exciting things are happening but not in your cubicle. Plum projects are going to others around you who are less capable or qualified, but your offers to take on more tasks are regularly ignored. Could be that you may need to focus on your own personal project – a resume update!


Too Many New Projects: Everyone likes to be wanted and needed but when project overload equates to mission impossible, then you’re being set up to fail. Either they want you to quit to save them the hassle of firing you, or they’re accumulating evidence to show that you can’t do your job. Either way, you’re sh*t out of luck.


Micromanaging Takes on New Meaning: If your manager starts hovering over you like a helicopter in stealth mode, look out! Who else is being asked to account for their time or monthly expenses? Could be they are seeking out data they need to carry out the deed or are looking to catch you in the act.


A Bad Performance Review or Two or…: Your job is likely in jeopardy if you’ve not been able to make corrections and improve in the areas pointed out by your previous bad performance review(s). Be on the lookout out for criticisms like: “You’re not a team player,” “Your attitude needs improvement,” or “You’re not really fitting into our company culture.”


Skills Shutdown: Good leaders give employees the opportunity to develop and grow in different areas. Requests for skills upgrading workshops that would benefit the company are denied. After all, what’s the point of helping you upgrade skills they already know you’ll be taking with you when you go?


Weirdness Abounds: Suddenly you’re not the life of the party let alone invited to the party. Colleagues are acting all weird around you, avoiding you in the lunchroom and hallways and stop talking when you approach. Invites for after-work drinks dry up. Somehow the rumour mill is working overtime, and you’re the last to know.#

source – https://www.monster.ca/career-advice/article/10-Signs-That-Youre-About-To-Be-Fired


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